Michael Angelis: One day, Olie and Billy went to the 2005 Playstation 2 of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, it happened.

Olie: Can I have it now?

Billy: No, Olie! But it's a phony!



Michael Angelis: The next day...

Olie: Oh, my gosh! It's like a 1996 VHS of Oliver and Company, can I have it?

Billy: No, Olie, you have many videos at home.


Billy: Stop yelling, Olie! Now, this is all you wanna is a spanking when we get home, mister!


Michael Angelis: Then Billy ran away from Olie's tantrum before he police's arrived.

Homer: You are under arrest, young man!

Olie: STOP! You drag me nuts!

Krusty: Never, you get a wrap my toilet paper.

Olie: No! (muffles) I feel like a mummy.

Homer: Oh my god! It's like a mummy!

Olie: I am, in your 2000s BC!

Michael Angelis: In the sunny day, beside the city were dodgeball by the tower. Olie and his friends it's safe, and think you are what you've done.

Krusty: Three... Two... One... CHAAAAAARGE!

Olie: Oh, my god, he's gonna die!

Homer: DIE, OLIE, DIE!


(Loud crash)

Homer: Whoo-hoo! We defeated Olie! All right!

Krusty: Well done, Homer. So, were goin' out to the celebrate the party, let's go!

Olie: (sighs in relief and Zowie sneaks up) Aaaaah!

Zowie: What are you doing, in the fell off the building?!

Olie: I just crap myself!

Zowie: That's it! You get a contains with the 10 months!

Olie: No! Not the 10 months!

Zowie: Yes, 10 months!

Olie: Why me? How can you stay for?

Zowie: Forever. Goodbye.

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