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There are Kittens that appear in the beginning of Oliver & Company.

As Flo's Puppies in All Cats go to heaven (Math98 style version)

They take pizza to Tiger and sung a song and making a game, or playing.

As The Lost Boys in Tiger Pan

There are friends of Tiger. In a scene in the movie getting kidnapped by the indians.

As Orphan Kids in The Rescuers (Mathemathic Style Version) 

They're thanking Marie when she got her new parents.

As Nobita's Classmates/Friends in Merlemon

There appear often in the series. There playing in the park with Oliver, Young Tod and Tiger. There are also the classmates of Oliver.

As Kids turned into Donkeys in Nobinocchio

They turning mischievous young boys into kittens in the movie.

As Sarah and James in Fireman Basil

They're playing with Oliver and Marie in the series.

As Lilo's friends in Marie and Doraemon

They going and dancing the Hula and playing with Marie in the movie and those sequels and in the series. They are also Marie's friends in the movie and those sequels and in the series.

[[ As Fair Folk/Fairies in The Big Cauldron

[[ As Aliens in Kid Story

[[ As Little Turtles in Finding Scamp

[[ As Kaltag, Nikki and Star in Olivbalto

[[ As Alice in Orphan Kittens in Wonderland

[[ As Dopey, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful and Happy in Shizuka and the Seven Kittens

[[ As Kids in Dumbo (Fujiko Fujio style version)

[[ As Mices in Shizukarella

[[ As Chip's brothers and sisters in Beauty and the Fat Cat

[[ As Banjo in The Woodpile Orphan Cats

[[ As Ferdie Fieldmouse/Peter Cratchit and Melody Mouse/Martha Cratchit in Oliver's Christmas Carol

[[ As Card Painters in Shizuka in Wonderland

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