Oliver is a Cat That Appears in Oliver and Company. He was voiced by Joey Lawrence and Susan Sheridan.

As Mowgli in The Wild-Cat Book

Oliver Meets Drake the Evil Penguin. The Final Battle for Oliver.

As Hubie in The Pebble and the Kitten

Oliver is Battling Shere Khan, Marie Needs Help.

As Main Characters

He Was Aladdin in Olladdin. and He Once Became Main Characters with Marie,Berloiz and Tolouse in Kittens in Wonderland and A Cartoon Tale and its Sequels.

As Young Simba in The Cat King And its Sequel

Oliver is Mufasa aka Thomas O' Malley Cat's Son and He knows He Can Be King. In The next Sequel, Bagherra aka Uncle Max finds Out by Getting the Hyenas after A Strange call From Himself Trying to get Rid Of Shenzi,Banzai and Ed aka Kaa,Sir Hiss and Undertow Get away As Bagherra Met Oliver. As They Wanted to Meet Timon And Pumbaa aka Tigger and Winnie The Pooh

As Luke Skywalker in Star Wars (CoolZdane Style)

As Young Kovu in The Tigger King 2: Tigger's Pride

He is Now Simba aka Tigger's Son that Wants to Be King.

As Figaro in Nobinocchio

As Fidget disguised as a baby doll boy in The Great Cat Detective (CoolZDane Style)

Oliver is Fidget's baby doll diguise and he sleeps in a rocking bed, and chased by Marie aka Olivia. He gives her a trap and kidnaps Marie.

As Nobita in Merlemon

Oliver aka Nobita falls in love with Marie aka Shizuka. Oliver is chased and beaten by Young Tod and Tiger aka Gian and Suneo. In future Oliver marries Marie. Merlin aka Doraemon helps Oliver when he is in trouble.

[[ As Taran in The Rainbow Cauldron

[[ As The Prince in Marie and the Seven Kids

[[ As Roo in Doraemon The Pooh

[[ As Prince Charming in Marierella

[[ As Shang in Marielan

[[ As Prince Philip in Sleeping Little Kitten

[[ As Robin Hood in Oliver Hood

[[ As John Smith in Mariehontas

[[ As Pinocchio in Olivernocchio

[[ As Pingu in Olingu

[[ As Bernard in The Rescuers (Ver. 505) and The Rescuers Down Under (Ver. 505)

[[ As Arthur/Wart in The Sword in the Rock

[[ As Tony Toponi in An American World and its sequel

[[ As Hercules in Olivercules

[[ As Young Bambi in Olivbambi

[[ As Norman Price in Fireman Basil

[[ As Dimitri in Mariestasia

[[ As Balto in Olivbalto

[[ As Tramp in Marie and the City Kitten

[[ As Quasimodo in The Kitten of Notre Dame and The Kitten of Notre Dame II

[[ As Tarzan in Oliverzan

[[ As Kuzko in Oliver's New Groove and its sequel

[[ As Milo in Atlantis - The Lost Empire (Ver. 505)

[[ As Frog Naveen in The Princess and the Kitten

[[ As Michael Banks in Shizuka Poppins

[[ As Bert in Marie Poppins

[[ As Banjo in Oliver the Woodpile Cat

[[ As Abu in Nobilladdin

[[ As Dinah in Nobita in Wonderland

[[ As one of Flo's puppies in All Cats go to heaven (Math98 style version)

[[ As Ash Ketchum in Pokemon (Ver. 505)

[[As Fuller McCallister in Home Alone (Disney-Fujiko Style)

[[As Kevin McCallister in Home Alone (Disney Animal Style)

[[ As Doraemon in Olivermon

[[ As Max in Tiger ProofA Tiger Movie and An extremely Tiger Movie

[[ As Peter Pan in Oliver Pan

[[ As Tod and Young Tod in The Fox and the Kitten

[[ As Jim Hawkins in Secret Planet

[[ As Chip in Beauty and the Fat Cat

[[ As Zo in Patch's Puppy Days

[[ As Prince Naveen in The Princess and the Mouse

[[ As Flynn Rider in Mariepunzel

[[ As Goku Kid in Dinosaur Ball, Dinosaur Ball Z and Dinosaur Ball GT

[[ As Mickey Mouse/Bob Cratchit in Oliver's Christmas Carol

[[ As Hiroshi in Kaibutsu-Oliver

[[ As Ken in Ninja Hattori (Disney Version)

[[ As Cosmo in Fairy Odd Kittens

[[ As Timmy Turner in Fairy Odd Robots

[[ As Spongebob Squarepants in Oliverbob Squarepants

[[ As Pikachu in Kittenmon

[[ As Popeye in Olivereye

[[ As Bugs Bunny in Looney Tunes (Ver.11)

[[ As Jiji in Shizuka's Delivery Service

[[ As Tombo in Marie's Delivery Service

[[ As Peter in Marieidi

[[ As Pete in Oliver's Dinosaur

[[ As Skippy in Nobil Hood

[[ As Marvin Acme in Who Framed Nobita Nobi?

[[ As Young Derek in The Fox Princess

[[ As Thomas in Hannahontas

[[ As Kristoff in Frozen (Euro-Vision style version)

[[ As Mario in the videogame Super OliverSuper Oliver BrosOliver BrosOliver Cart and more Oliver games

[[ As Boy Wanting an Apple in O'Malleyladdin

[[ As Young Dimitri in Duchesstasia

[[ As Kitten Edmond in Rock-A-Goofy

[[ As Rajah in Fieveladdin


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