Oliver Van Impe was the medic on board the mercenary ship The Echo.


  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 29
  • Alignment: Light
  • Appearance: Very small, long red hair and not-fancy clothes.
  • Weapons/Equipment: A little blaster, and three boxes with medic equipment.
  • Primary Role Player: XoRRoX


Oliver was born on Dantooine, where he did work for his parents on their farm. His childhood did end, when his father died by some hunters in the area. That did hurt Oliver. He decided, that farming wasen’t his life. He wanted to be something great. Like a general or something. Maybe one of those guys, with the ”lightsabers”. Like the story says.

But he chose the wrong friends. Fenric Khan, one of his old childhood friends, cheated him. So he didn’t arrive to Coruscant, where Oliver thougt he could be a politician. Oliver was on his way to Naboo.

On the way, while Oliver was in a really bad mood about his travel to Naboo, he did meet a young girl, who was a soldier. She was medic in the army – and they fell in love on the very long trip. She learned him everything about to be a medic – and he did have a great talent. But when they arrieved, the girl was arrested. She was a criminal – and Oliver couldn’t forgive that. He is very lawful, and he decided, that he never wanted to meet her again, and took job on the ship called ”Echo”.

Personality and Traits

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