The V's movie spoof version of Oliver and Company


  • Oliver (Oliver and Company) as Himself
  • Dodger
  • Rita
  • Einstein
  • Francis
  • Tito
  • Fagin
  • Jenny
  • Winston
  • Georgette
  • Sykes
  • Roscoe & DeSoto
  1. Once Upon A Time In New York City
  2. Oliver Meets Dodger/Why Should I Worry?
  3. At The Dock
  4. Sykes (Including Roscoe & DeSoto)
  5. Roscoe & DeSoto Leaves/Bedtime Story
  6. Streets Of Gold/Jenny & Winston
  7. In The Car
  8. At Foxworth's House/Perfect Isn't Easy
  9. In The Kitchen/Georgette Meets Oliver
  10. Dodger Has A Plan/Good Company
  11. Rescuing Oliver/In Foxworth's House
  12. Sad Moments/Fagin Has An Idea
  13. Where's Oliver?
  14. At Sykes' Building
  15. Jenny Meets Fagin/Sykes Took Her Away
  16. Rescuing Jenny
  17. Pursuit Through The Subway
  18. Jenny's Birthday/Georgette & Tito
  19. Farewell To Oliver/Why Should I Worry? (Reprise)
  20. End Credits

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