Rosie is a young, pink tank engine who lives on the Island of Sodor. She idolized Thomas very much, and wanted to be with him forever. This annoyed Thomas very much, and that he was in love with Molly since she came to Sodor.

One day, he was speaking to Oliver at the water column.

Oliver: You look frustrated, Thomas. What's up with that?

Thomas: {angrily} Rosie will never leave me alone when I'm with Molly.

Oliver: Well, this sounds new.

Thomas: But, how can I get her to stay away from me? I've tried everything, but nothing worked!

At that same moment, Rosie had appeared next to Thomas.

Rosie: {joyful} THOMAS!!!!!!! {whistles in delight} Hi Thom-Thom. It's your cuddly Rose bud.

Thomas: Rosie, I'm going with Molly tonight.

Rosie: Why do you love that yellow girl more than cute little me?

Thomas: Because it's not her figure I love. It's her heart. She is nice and kind and the most beautiful girl I've met. That's why I love her.

Rosie: Aw man. {She puffs sadly away.}

Thomas: {in relief} Phew.

Oliver: Tell you what. I'll try to get Rosie away from you, and you can be with Molly.

Thomas: All right, then. I've got a train to take.

Thomas had arrived at the station. His passengers boarded Annie and Clarabel, and Thomas set off.

Rosie, meanwhile, was upset. She had tried to be nice to Thomas, but her cuteness didn't help. Presently, Oliver puffed up alongside her.

Oliver: Rosie, I know that you're upset...

Rosie: It's because Thomas has a different love instead of cute little me!

Oliver: I see that, well, see you later! (And he puffed away)

Rosie thought that Oliver was being sweet to her, and thought that he may be the one for her.

Later, she was called to the docks to help Salty and Arthur with fish runs. She didn't like this job very much, and wanted to get her job done as quickly as possible.

Arthur: Be careful, Rosie!

Salty: You'll have an accident, lassie!

But Rosie didn't listen to either. She shunted her trucks too hard, and they crashed into the buffers, and she almost fell off the edge! Rosie was stuck.

Rosie: Oh, dear! Why didn't I listen? Help! Help!

The dockyard manager phoned Sir Topham Hatt, and Thomas and Oliver were called to help.

Thomas: Rosie, what happened here?

Rosie: I wanted to be with you, but I ended up fooling myself instead. ('She turned to Oliver.) Oliver...

Oliver: Yes?

Rosie: I've been thinking about you for a short time, and I decided...

Oliver: What?

Rosie: I want to be with you.

Thomas: You mean it?!

Rosie: Yes, and now, I've found a new love.

Oliver felt so happy, and Thomas felt relieved. Oliver pulled Rosie off the edge, Thomas and Rocky cleared away the fish vans, and all three puffed home. At the sheds, Rosie and Oliver both claimed their love for each other.

Thomas just grinned at Oliver. Rosie's buffers touched Oliver's buffers, and Oliver smiled sheepishly. Thomas smiled happily, as Oliver and Rosie kissed. He was happy that they were one at last.


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