Our story begins here in Om Amarna, the major sea port of Lenthinar, in the Empire of Tieros, where the group was wrongly accused of the murder of a prominent citizen, Arocha civil rights protester Joshua Reader, and was forced to spend the time they had expected to spend at the spectacular Horse Festival clearing their name instead. (See Monkey God Enterprises’ adventure Sword of Justice)

A Trade City

Om Amarna is an ancient city in the province of Lenthinar, dating back to before Tier conquered the province. Before Tier came, Lenthinari believed all cities had Patron Gods, and Om Amarna was named for Amarna the Wealthy, God of Prosperity. Few cities have enjoyed the fruits of commerce as much as Om Amarna, whose east-facing sea port rarely sees strong storms, and is open all year long to the rest of the continent and beyond. Objects rare and wonderful can be bought and sold in the various plaza markets of Om Amarna, in a variety of tongues and coinage.


The traditional inhabitants and vast majority of the land owners in Om Amarna are Lenthinari humans (32% of the population).

Thalosians are the next most populace group in Om Amarna (humans: 25% of the population, dwarves: 10% of the population).

In Om Amarna, there are also the Arocha (19% of the population), a race of short, stocky people with gravely voices, hairless stone grey skin, long arms, shallow foreheads, and featureless yellow eyes.

The North Road out of the North Gate of Om Amarna leads all the way to the Southern Glain city of Cael Eigemma. Glain halflings and humans make up 5% of the Om Amarna population.

Northrun elves, half-elves, and humans make up 4% of the population.

Hordelanders are less common in Om Amarna (3% of the population), but it is not terribly unusual to see them there.

Gnomes (2% of the population) in Tieros come from a now destroyed land called Illia. The conclave in Om Amarna is large, and their glasswork and tinkering are exquisite.


Any named a suspect by an officer of the Law is considered guilty in the eyes of the Law. An Advocate may be called upon to adjudicate a case in dispute. Magic use is not permitted in the street unless permitted by an officer of the Law. Prisoners may not be held for more than 48 hours before carrying out the sentence. Citizens and Visiting people may keep and bear arms, but use of them is strictly forbidden unless in self-defense. Murder for any reason other than extreme necessity is punishable by death. Accomplices to murder receive the same punishment as those who commit it. “Better to kill a few innocents than to let the guilty party free to commit another crime.”

See the Cult of Justice

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