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Welcome to the Ombre Developpement Page. Ombre is an open-source survival horror set in the city of Binche, Belgium. It is directed by Red Light Games, a new team created especially for this game. (Wich does not mean we are not planning to do other games after :-) )

Message from Yazu, creator of Red Light Games and Lead Scenarist. Ombre will be set in the city of Binche. The choice of the place has been made for the primary reason that Binche is not far from where I live, so, I can take any reference shot fast, as I live in the town attached to the city :) The city also have some really intersting places like a school, a swimming pool and so on. So, the idea was born. I get many support in the writting phase from a friend (ECO419) wich is Scenarist in the team. Well... We are only 2 for now, but OI hope some people will join us in our project :)

Developpement & Tech

So, you are certainly wondering "Hey, how are you creating this ???" Here are the specifications:

Graphical Engine: Irrlicht (In OpenGL) (Wiil be confirmed when developpers will come in the team, as we must discuss with them.)

Physics: Newton (Confirmed as the final physics engine)

Sound Engine: Not known. Must be discussed with devels.

So, the devel phase will be as fellow:

  • Writting phaze - the Scenaristic Team writtes a coherent story and set the gameplay.
  • Devel Room - We begin developpement with a test map. It will serve as a test for all the functions packed in the game. The room map will evolve as the develeoppement progress.
  • Chapters - On the game, we will work per chapters. Every chapter finished, a new major release will come.
  • Bug fix - While working on the next chapter, some of our developpers will be fixing the bugs pointed out by the comunity.
  • Sound Pack Release - As an open-source game, the game will be made of Packages that the user can install and activate/desactivate when he want. The audio packages will change the musics, sound effects and ambiances within the game.
  • Voice Pack - Same as the Audio Pack but for the voices :) It'll serves mainly for translations.
  • Graphics Packages - Made of two packs (Models and Textures), Graphics packeges will change some or all the graphics of the game. So, user can turn the creepy environement of the game to a field full of flower for exemple.

Cutscenes - Some cutscenes will be rendered as videos. They'll be downloadable separatly, for the persons that havn't a good connection to the web :)

All of this will be packed in a home-made installer, to make the installation more easy :)

To be continued

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