Omega Order
Omega Order
The logo of the Omega Order. It is designed like a spell circle, inscribed with a six-pointed star and an eye in the center, which represents the "third eye". The text along the circle reads "Omega Psychic Society" in Greek.
Leader(s) Flag of GreeceAnastasia Vega (-1967)

Flag of the Soviet UnionLeon Rubanenko (1967-1968)
Flag of the Soviet UnionBoris Rubanenko (1968-)

Flag of the Soviet UnionSoviet Union (unofficial)
Flag of North KoreaNorth Korea (unofficial)
Location of
Flag of IranDasht-e Kavir, Iran

The Omega Order is a fraternity representing all the Psychics of the world. In its early years, the Omega Order coexisted peacefully with all non-Psychic people, also known as Mortals. However, under the leadership of Nina Rubanenko and Boris Rubanenko, it has engaged in criminal and terrorist acts in order to advance the status of Psychics, at the expense of all Mortals. The Delta Defense Alliance is a major enemy of the Omega Order. The Omega Order is not affiliated with any government, but receives much of its funding and support from communist governments, especially the Soviet Union and North Korea.

Names in Other Languages
Language Foreign Name Latin Transliteration
Flag of Japan Japanese オメガ団 Omega-dan
Flag of Russia Russian Омега Орден Omega Orden
Flag of Greece Greek Ωμέγα Τάγμα Ōméga Tágma
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese (Simplified) 欧米加団 Ōumǐjiā Tuàn
Flag of the Republic of China Chinese (Traditional) 歐米加団 Ōumǐjiā Tuàn
Flag of South Korea Korean 오메가 단 Omega Dan
Flag of Saudi Arabia Arabic أوميغا الأخوة Aumigha Ala'khuah

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