(this should only be used when the candidates have been contacted) WHEN YOU GET WORD, PLEASE REMOVE FROM "NO NEWS" SECTION


Institute for Ecosystem Studies (Terrestrial Ecologist) 9/1 (interviews late december)

UCLA (Ecology & Evolution) 9/29

University of Chicago (Quantitative/Theoretical Ecologist) 9/15 (interviews appear to be on web site)

Yale (Ecology) 9/15


Creighton (environ. phys.) 3 applicants invited to interview 10/27

Ursinus College (Ecologist) 5 applicants invited to interview 10/30

Ursinus College (E Studies) 6 applicants invited to interview 10/30

Muhlenberg (Animal Physiology) 3 applicants invited to interview on 11/2

San Diego State University (Marine Ecology) 10/8 4 applicants to interview

San Diego State University (Functional biologist) 10/8

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo (animal physiology) 10/28; phoned 11/28, interviews 01/08

UC Davis (quantitative geneticist plant sciences) 10/29


Colgate University (plant or ecosystems ecology) 10/16; 3 applicants interviewed late Nov/early Dec

Colorado State (Quantitative Ecology) 11/20 interviews on website

Florida Institute of Technology (ecologist) 11/29 - interviews in January

Hillsdale College (Biologist/Population Geneticist) 11/16

Institute of Ecosystem Studies (Disease Ecologist) 11/20 interviewing candidates Nov/Dec

LSU (quantitative ecology) 11/1 - interviews Nov/Dec

Macalester College (Environmental Science)

Michigan Technological University - (Wetland Scientist) Interviews in late Nov - early Dec

Rice University (Evolutionary Biology) - interviews late Nov/early Dec

Simon Fraser University (Applied Conservation Ecology) Interviews in January

Sonoma State University (Plant Physiologist) 11/6

The College of New Jersey (physiology) 3 applicants invite interview 11/7

Troy University (environ biol) on campus interviews end of Nov-early Dec. 11-6

UC Davis (Quantitative Plant Conservation Ecologist) 11/14 interviews in January

University of Arkansas School of Forest Resources (Spatial Inform Syst) 11/15 (Faculty meet Dec. 7, offers expected mid-dec.).

University of Colorado, Boulder (evo-devo) - interviews Nov/Dec

University of Georgia (Evolutionary Ecologist) 10/15 interviews start in early nov.

University of Georgia (Population Ecologist) 10/15 interviews start in early nov.

University of Iowa (Environmental Geography) 10/29 - interviews Nov/early Dec

University of Otago (Wildlife Management/Conservation Ecology) interviews Dec 17-20

University of San Diego (ecol/evol) 11/15 interviews in Dec

University of Texas, Arlington (Genetics & Genomics) 11/14 interviews late Nov/Dec

University of Texas, Austin (Ecologist) 11/21 inviting candidates for Nov/Dec interviews (about 65 applicants)

UW-Madison (Geography: Global Change Biogeography) interviews announced on web page ca. Nov 26

Wayne State College (animal biologist) 11/29 - interviews in January

Wellesley College (developmental biology, endocrinology, behavior) 5 interviews in Nov/Dec

Western Washington (Ecological geneticist) - interviews in late Nov/early Dec


Creighton University (environ phys) campus interviews 10/3-10/4 This job posted above in Nov., did you folks all reject?

Dartmouth College (mol evol/pop gen/genomics) campus interviews in Dec (on website)

Oklahoma State University (Quantitative Ecologist) 12/04, interviews in January

Penn (Genomics) 12/06 - interviews in January SUNY Fredonia (Aquatic Ecologist) 12/10 - interviews Jan/Feb

UC Davis (pollination) - interviews in December and January

University of California San Diego (ecologist) 12/04 - 6 candidates; interviews in December/January

University of Connecticut (Landscape Ecology) 12/06 - interviews in January

University of Maryland, Baltimore County (E Science) 12/12 - interviews Jan/Feb

University of Nebraska (Complex phenotypes) 12/14 - interviews in Jan/Feb

University of Pittsburgh (Biology - 2 positions) 12/12 - interviews in January

University Of Rhode Island (Marine Genomics) 12/12 - interviews Jan/Feb

University of South Carolina (Ecological Forecasting) 12/09 - interviews in January

University of the South/Sewanee (Genomics/Molecular Genetics/Evolution) 11/8, interviews in early Dec.

University of Toronto (Community/Ecosystem Ecology)

University of Toronto (Scarborough) (Community Ecology)

JANUARY 2008 Murray State (Aquatic Insect Ecologists) 12/7 - interviews in January

University of California, Davis (Quantitative phylogenetics) 10/15 - interviews in January


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