It was springtime on the Island Of Sodor.

Stanley was taking Byron the Bulldozer to level a site for the new Leisure Centre.

Jack and his friends were all working very hard.

Byron: Blistering Blades! There's so much work to be done!

Stanley: Hope you will work hard as any other machine.

That made Byron very happy as he set to work at once. Then, Patrick drove right past him.

Patrick (booming): Out of the way, Byron!


Stanley (to Byron): He's a bit careless.

That made Byron stern.

Byron: Patrick is always barging by so that he can pour his concrete.

Stanley: That's why he's a cement mixer. He pours concrete for every foundation.

Byron knew Stanley was right.

Later, Byron levelled the surface. Then, Patrick drove by.

Patrick was impatient.

Patrick: Hurry up, you big blazer! I need to pour my concrete.

Byron stopped.

Byron: Wait patiently! You can't pour your mushy concrete until I levelled the surface.

Patrick drove grumpily away.

Patrick (grumbling): Humph!

Then, Byron started to feel unhappy.

Later, Stanley was worried for Byron.

Stanley: Whatever is wrong?

Byron (sadly): Patrick wants to get me out of the way, so that he can pour his mushy concrete when I was levelling the site.

Byron was very unhappy.

Stanley (huffily) : Take no notice of that big concrete mixer and work as hard as you can.

Byron knew Stanley was right.

Byron (a bit happily): Thank you, Stanley.

Kelly: Break's Over! Back to work!

That afternoon, Byron wanted to feel really useful. He wanted to show Patrick that he could level more sites before he could use his concrete.

He had to remember what Stanley had told him.

Byron (to himself): Take no notice of him.

Then, Patrick rattled crossly in.

Patrick (rudely): Out of my way, You big blazer! I need to come through.

But Byron ignored him. This made Patrick crosser than ever.

He revved his engine.

Patrick: I will show that big blazer who's best and who's worst.

Later, Byron was shoving and shovelling the site. He was working as hard as he could.

Then, he herd Patrick's horn.

Patrick: Coming by! Clear the way, Big Blazer!

Then, there was trouble. There were some metal poles on the ground. With a bang and a clang, Patrick bashed through the metal poles. Patrick was stuck.

Patrick: Help! Help! I'm stuck! Get me Off those poles!

Byron saw Patrick.

Patrick couldn't get off the metal poles.

Stanley was shocked.

Stanley: Patrick shouldn't be on those poles. Some one will have to save him.

Byron quickly called to Kelly.

Byron: Kelly! Can you come And help Patrick!

Kelly (calling): On My Way!

Byron and Kelly trundled and tracked to Patrick.

Byron: Kelly's here, Patrick. Ready, Kelly?

Kelly's operator attached Kelly's hook to Patrick's bumper.

Kelly: Don't worry, Patrick! I'll get you out of those poles.

Patrick knew Kelly was right.

Stanley: Pull Away, Kelly!

Kelly pulled and strained. Byron watched as Kelly managed to get Patrick off the poles.

Kelly: Nearly there!

Byron: You're almost out, Patrick.

At last, Patrick was out of the poles. Kelly finaly got him back to safety.

Patrick: Thank you, Kelly.

Then, Miss Jenny arrived. He was pleased that Byron had sent for Kelly to help Patrick.

Miss Jenny: Well done, Byron. You did the right thing to call Kelly to help Patrick out of the poles without being told.

That made Byron happy.

Stanley: Hooray for Byron and Kelly!

Patrick: I'm sorry for being rude to you.

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