Jack and the Pack is a direct-to-video release for the Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends series, much like the movie: Calling All Engines. These thirteen episodes feature the return of the Sodor Construction Company, better known as The Pack, their first appearance since Season 6. It was released in the US on 15 August, 2006. It was released in the UK on 2 October, 2006. It was not called "On Site with Thomas". It was called Thomas' Trusty Friends, but it had the same episodes except for Jack Owns Up and Percy's Scary Tale. They were released separately though and they can be seen on YouTube. All episodes are narrated by Michael Brandon in the US release, while the UK release was narrated by Michael Angelis. A demo CD is avavilble at Woolsworths(on the Happy Sun Shine catalog) the US relase date of the DVD is alongside the ninth season.


1. On Site with Thomas

One day, Thomas was taking the Fat Controller to a construction site for a new school. It will have a football field, a library, and a swimming pool. He inspects everything, and is impressed. Meanwhile, Oliver is loading Max. Max orders him to hurry up, but Oliver's shovel hits something. He digs at it, and uncovers something unusual. Miss Jenny calls the Workmen, the Workmen call the Fat Controller, and the Fat Controller calls the Experts. They say it is a dinosaur bone, and they tell Oliver to dig for more. Oliver's shovel is replaced with a chisel, and he uncovers a whole skeleton of a Triceratops. The next day, the Fat Controller arrives and shows Oliver that he is featured on the front cover of a newspaper, and Oliver is very proud.

2. A Tale for Thomas

One summer morning, Thomas was taking Jack and Alfie to the Workshop area, where the other Pack members are. While there, Miss Jenny warns all the vehicles to be very careful. And if they aren't careful, one of them will be sent back to the yard. But Jack isn't careful, he was being very reckless. Elsewhere, Ned tries very hard to be careful. Jack is so careless that he knocks over a pile of slate! Jack doesn't want to be sent away, so he drives off, with the accident being blamed on Ned. Miss Jenny scolds Ned, and Jack realises he should own up. Right as Ned is being lifted onto Thomas' flatbed, Jack tells all of them the truth. Miss Jenny tells him she's proud he owned up, but she sends him back to the yard anyway for pitting the blame on poor old Ned. While being sent back to the yard, Thomas tells Jack it's always good to tell the truth.

  • Featuring Jack, Ned, Oliver (Pack), Kelly, Alfie, Miss Jenny and Thomas
  • Cameo by Byron
  • Michael Brandon narrates the US version of this episode on the On Site with Thomas & Other Thomas Adventures DVD.
  • Michael Angelis narrates the UK version of this episode. Although, it wasn't released on the Thomas' Trusty Friends UK DVD, it has been made available on certain promotional discs in the UK with Angelis' narration intact.

3. Percy's Scary Tale

One day, Thomas was at the Construction Site where the Pack are building a new community centre. A building foundation was being made with cement from Patrick. Patrick is done loading Thomas, and drives off saying how he is the most important. But Jack and Alfie don't agree, and start asking the other Pack members who is the most important. Jack asks Byron, who says that preparing the land for foundations is important, so he is. Alfie asks Oliver, who says that digging up dirt is important, so he is. Jack then asks Nelson, who says that transporting is important, and he declares he is. And Alfie asks Ned, who says that the operators are the most important. Soon Jack and Alfie give up! Eventually, Max and Monty start to argue over who is the most important. They go to get more loads of dirt from Ned and Oliver, and they start to nag for "more". Then both Max and Monty drive off, and start racing down the lane. Before they know it, they make Patrick swerve off the road, and crash right into the foundation he's poured, getting concrete all over Thomas. Miss Jenny soon hears about this, and tells them that no one is most important, as they are all a team. Jack tells her about Patrick, and she turns and says "Patrick, were you bragging about concrete again?" and he replies, "I... might have said something...".

4. Alfie has Kittens

It's Halloween again! That dark, foggy night, Percy was taking Jack and Alfie to the Maithwaite construction area, where the other Pack members are. Since it is break time, Kelly decides to tell a spooky story. Percy and Alfie hope it won't be too scary. And then, Kelly tells the story. He tells the pack a story about the One-Eyed Truck, and how it searches for its lost headlamp. Percy and Alfie are already scared and spooked, so when break time is over, Max and Monty decide to take advantage of the fear. They taunt and tease the other vehicles, until they get enough. The Workmen orders Max and Monty to take some dirt to the dumping area... on the other side of the forest. They go out to unload and dump their dirt, but on the way they hear spooky and mysterious sounds. Then they hear a shrill whistle, and a bright glowing headlamp. They immediately assume it's the One-Eyed Truck, and they race frightening back to the site. When they get there, Thomas pulls in. Even though Max and Monty feel a little bit foolish for thinking that Thomas is the One-Eyed Truck, they still think it could be out there... wanting to steal your headlamp...

5. A Happy Day for Percy

It was a very windy day on the Island. Thomas was taking Kelly to the construction site, where the other Pack members are. Miss Jenny warns all the vehicles that high winds can be dangerous, and tells them to be careful. Soon all of the vehicles are working very hard, and Kelly is unloading steel pylons. Soon his crane arm starts to wobble, and the high wind makes him tip over, and crashing into an empty shed! Luckily no one was hurt, but Kelly's wheels and crane arm were damaged. Later, he has to spend the night at the workshop getting his wheels and crane arm repaired. The next day, Miss Jenny tells Kelly that Isabella has come off the road near the track! But Kelly is so shaken by his experience, he doesn't want to come out anymore. But he knows he must rescue his friend. Meanwhile, Isabella is dangling over the edge of the road that overlooks the track. When Kelly gets there, he unloads the piano from Isabella's truck bed, and starts to pull Isabella back on the road. But he soon remembers his accident, so he stops. Then he remembers he must help Isabella, so he tries again to pull Isabella back up. Soon he has saved Isabella, and Miss Jenny and Thomas are very proud.

6. Kelly's Windy Day

One overcast and wet day, Percy was taking Jack and Alfie to the construction site, where the other Pack members are. While there, Miss Jenny tells the vehicles to be careful in the mud, as it could be dangerous. But Max and Monty don't listen, and they begin to be very mischievous. Meanwhile, Byron tries to show how careful he is, but no one is paying attention. Not even Oliver! Elsewhere, Alfie is enjoying the mud, but Max and Monty race by, kick up mud onto Percy, and hit a water stand-pipe. The stand-pipe spews out water onto the mud where Alfie is, and it gets into it, and causes him to start sinking! The workmen turn off the water, but its too late for Alfie. But Byron has an idea. He has Alfie grab onto his blade, and he starts to pull him out. His plan starts failing, but Byron struggles and strains as hard as he can, and finally pulls Alfie safe out of the mud. Later that day, Miss Jenny scolds Max and Monty, and praises Byron. Meanwhile, Percy is glad to have all the mud washed off.

7. Jack Jumps In

A very rare, old tree has been struck by lightning, so the Pack have to prop it up before it falls over. But Max and Monty cause trouble, and end up running into the tree, greatly increasing it's danger of collapsing. Immediately Alfie, Oliver and Kelly try to prop up the tree, but are failing. Jack hurries to get the props from Thomas to hold it up. Will all the machines be able to pull together and help to repair the tree before it falls over?

8. A Friend in Need

Buster feels left out when a big storm makes lots of damage on the Island of Sodor because there is nothing for a steamroller to do! When Miss Jenny discovers the Dryaw FC Football ground is covered in molehills she immediately calls for Buster!

9. Percy Helps Out

When Miss Jenny sends Nelson to carry Thomas for repairs, he confides in Thomas that he'd like to be carried by someone else. He is delighted when the Fat Controller instructs Percy to carry him all the way back to the yard.

10. The Tortoise and the Hare

Working on the Sodor Rally Track, Buster dreams of being the fastest steamroller. Max and Monty tease him for being slow but when they are all asked to test the track Max and Monty are so busy arguing that Buster rolls over the finish line first!

11. Thomas' Trusty Friends

Ned is disappointed that his only job on demolishing a building is to clear up the rubble. When Oliver's wrecking ball won't knock down the building, Ned comes to the rescue-by accident!

12. Alfie Has Kittens

Alfie the Excavator is sent to help demolish a building, but the other machines tease him for being small. Later when a mother cat and her kittens are discovered in the building only Alfie is small enough to rescue them.

13. Mud Glourious Mud

Isabella does not like getting dirty, but when all the machines run out of diesel she has to get some more - by driving across some very muddy fields!

14. Rosie and Isobella

Isobella has broken down delivering the poles and post, so Rosie offers to help her out whilst Nelson offers to Isobella to the repair yard.

15. A Chilly Day for Rosie

It's a cold cloudy day and Rosie is taking Jack and Alfie to lay grit onto the frosty road so that no one silps and slides, but Max and Monty head for trouble and Max has a bad accident. So Monty rushes off to get help.

  • Featuring Rosie, Jack, Alfie, Max, Monty, Kelly, The Foreman and Miss Jenny.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Nelson and Byron.
  • Michal Angles Narrates this in the US and UK Not yet reasled The pack is back DVD/VHS

16. Thomas's Lucky Day

Thomas takes Jack and Alfie to a new museum building site. When they dig up a trench, Jack finds a statue of a steam engine that looks like Thomas. After the statue is restored, The Fat Controller puts it up in Miss Jenny's yard so that everyone can remember of Thomas.

  • Featuring Thomas, Jack, Alfie, Miss Jenny, Byron (does not speak) and The Fat Controller.
  • Cameos by Patrick, Nelson and Oliver.

17. Oliver Saves the Day

Oliver the Excavator has to dig some trenches for the new underground station when he discovers an old rusty plaque. Will the plaque be restored?

  • Featuring Oliver, Thomas, Jack, Alfie, Miss Jenny, Kelly, Byron and Patrick.
  • Cameos by Buster, Isobella, Rosie and Ned.

18. Rosie's Spooky Story

Rosie has to work with Byron the Bulldozer at night at Cronk Forest. During the workmen's tea break, Nelson tells a spooky story about the ghost truck who invades the yard and kidnaps other machines, but Rosie and Byron think the story is very frightening.

  • Featuring Rosie, Byron, Nelson, Jack, Miss Jenny, Alfie and Buster.
  • Cameos by the Foreman, Kelly, Patrick, Ned and Isabella.

19. Stuck in the Snow.

It's a snowy day and Jack and his friends are building a log cabing, but Buster doesn't like snow. He worries that he might slip in it and get stuck. But he accidentally slips on ice and crashes into the drift.

  • Featuring Percy, Jack, Alfie, Buster, Miss Jenny, Max and Monty.
  • Cameos by Thomas, Rosie and Nelson.

New Pack Members




Nelson is a ballast tractor. He carries the number 10 on his cab. Nelson likes to carry his friends to their work sites or to repairs atop his flatbed trailer, but often yearns for someone to carry him for a change...


Monty is Max's twin brother and, like Max, is often unruly and mischievous. He carries the number 16 on his cab. His appearance to Max only differs by his number, and bumper bar, which is two long rods; whereas Max's is a thick one-piece bumper bar.




Patrick is an old cement mixer. He carries the number 23 on his cab. He has a slight Irish accent. He often believes that mixing cement is one of the most important jobs in construction, and is often insulted when told otherwise; however, he has a kind heart underneath and is always willing to help his friends.




Buster is a rusty red steamroller, similar to George, the Island of Sodor's other steamroller. Buster likes to roll over things with his roller, and dreams of being the fastest steamroller in the world... when in actuality he is not that fast. He has a dark red livery unlike George. Buster is also much nicer than George is, and is the only member not to carry a number.

Featured Characters

Characters Introduced

  • Buddy the T-Rex (From Dinosaur Train) (Voiced by Phillip Corlett)
  • Tiny the Pteranodon (From Dinosaur Train) (Voiced by Clarie Corlett)
  • Shiny the Pteranodon (From Dinosaur Train) (Voiced by Erika-Shaye Gair)
  • Don the Pteranodon (From Dinosaur Train) (Voiced by Alexander Matthew Marr)
  • The Conductor (From Dinosaur Train) (Voiced by Ian James Corlett)
  • Mr. Pteranodon (From Dinosaur Train) (Voiced by Colin Murdock)
  • Mrs. Pteranodon (From Dinosaur Train) (Voiced by Ellen Kennedy)

Places/Things Introduced

  • The Warehouse
  • Old Brick Works
  • Dryaw FC Football Field
  • Sodor Race Track
  • Community Centre
  • New School Grounds
  • Lightning Tree
  • Repair Yards
  • Prop Trolley/Trailer
  • Miss Jenny's Van


  • Apart from his excavating scoop, we learn that Oliver can change between a chisel, scissor claw and a variety of wrecking balls.
  • Gordon, Henry, James, Toby, Salty make cameo appearances, although they never actually saw The Pack themselves. A large scale model of Trevor can also be seen in a barn in 'Mud Glorious Mud'
  • Ned appears to have had modifications since Season 6, in the form of his darker-colored wheels, and now wearing 'Sodor Construction Company' on his sides, rather than 'Packard & Co.'
  • First appearances of Pack members: Monty, Nelson, Buster and Patrick.
  • Songs featured are 'The Work Song' and 'One Friendly Family'
  • This series was filmed with the 'classic' 35mm film, although some shots were filmed using the new digital cameras.
  • The Yard where the Pack live is finally revealed more, as numerous sheds with a railway line running on one side, and surrounded by a brick wall, with a gate, featuring a 'Sodor Construction Company' sign above.
  • Thomas is in all the Pack episodes except for A Happy Day for Percy.
  • The Japanese, Chinese, and Korean versions of this season use the original Thomas the Tank Engine theme tune and have music composed by Mike O'Donnell and Junior Campbell, just like the British version of Season 7, and use 35mm film, like the seasons 1-7. Patrick, Nelson, Monty, and Buster are voiced by individual voice actors.


  • First the Thomas & Friends: Making Tracks to Great Destinations logo, then the Season 10 features Thomas leaves the shed, then the Seasons 8-10 opening credits intro, and the "Island of Sodor" opening sequence.
  • The Thomas & Friends: Making Tracks to Great Destinations logo, the Thomas leaves the shed (Short version), the Season 11 intro (with the "ON SITE WITH THOMAS" text and a crane below the title card), and the "Island of Sodor" opening sequence with Thomas is voiced by Martin Sherman is in full CGI.


  • First the Thomas at the shed and the Seasons 8-10 outro.
  • The Thomas at the shed (Short version) and the Season 11 outro is in full CGI.