Yes. Based on the original Once Upon A Forest

  • Cosmo as Abigail
  • Tails as Willy
  • Elias as Edgar
  • Sonic as Russell (since both are hedgehogs)
  • Cream as Michelle
  • A random rabbit character as Cornelius
  • Jet as Phineas
  • Wave as Bosworth's Mother
  • Bean as Bosworth
  • Monkey Khan as Waggs
  • Vector as The Truck Driver
  • A random Seedrian character as Abigail's Father
  • Alicia as Edgar's Mom
  • Queen Aleena as Russell's Mom (because both of these female characters are also hedgehogs)
  • Manic, Sonia, and 11 more random hedgehog characters as Russell's siblings (all of them are hedgehogs, too)
  • My best friend SuperMissle's character James and Vanilla as Michelle's ailing parents

No flames or spams.

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