One Piece: Luffy in the Big City is an American-produced film based on the One Piece series. The film, produced by Macromedia Flash and cel animation mimicing Japanese animation, aired in Cartoon Network on Valentine's Day. The film concludes the end of the series.


The Straw Hat Pirates found the location of One Piece thanks to a lucky map to a close location, which also includes a mysterious cure for the Cursed Fruit. When they arrive, they realize that they are in a New York City topia full of skyscrapers and the one holding the treasure is a myth character known as Chorcoshido.


The original English voice actors for the anime did not return for the film so new voices were used

  • Avan Jogia - Monkey D. Luffy: The protagonist who ate a Cursed Fruit that made his entire body who rubber flesh.
  • Geno Segers - Roronoa Zoro: A swordsman who aids the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • Victoria Justice - Nami: A pickpocketer and thief who is the navigator of the gang.
  • Adam Hicks - Ussop: A lier and a cheat who is the marksman of the Pirates.
  • Dante Basco - Sanji: A suave, lollipop-licking man who is the cook of the Pirates.
  • Leo Howard & John Cena - Tony Tony Chomper: A young deer who is the doctor of the Pirates.
  • Danielle Monet - Nico Robin: The friend of Nami's who helps the Pirates.
  • Yuri Lowenthal - Stan Smith: Detective private eye who is based on American Dad's Stan Smith.
  • Seth MacFarlene - Corey Anderson: An otaku who is the nephew of Shanks.
  • Cari Higoruki-Tagawa - Chorcoshido: A young Japanese-American artist who posessed the power of luck, as the reason for why he has the One Piece treasure, being forced by Ronin.
  • Rob Paulsen - Ren Veins: A hunter who speaks Korean.
  • Keone Young - Inspector Ronin: An inspector who was the brains of the myth of Chorcoshido. Young also voices the announcer of City Chef.
  • Jerry Lewis - Professor Thinkledinkle: A scientist based on the Nutty Professor who Lewis used to play.
  • Emeril Lagasse - Chef Cukoocrow/Curtis Crow: A human/crocodile chef who ate the mysterious Ali Crok Crok Fruit that transforms him into a human/crocodile hybrid in which he works as a contestant for City Chef. He shares the same catchphrases as his portrayer: "Let's kick it up a notch" and "BAM!!!".

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