What are you reading?

Tell us what you are reading now and whether you picked up this book for a particular reason.

I am reading Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky. The reason? intrigued me when I heard a radio programme about it a couple of years ago. The book, about life under the Nazi regime in 1941 France, was ripped from oblivion when it was discovered in an attic. Amazing that such a beautiful book very nearly didn't happen at all. Also great to read because in addition to it being the start of a great novel, the reader can also turn to the back of the book to get an insight into the author's intentions through the 1941 section of her diary that she kept all about what she was writing and why. Janet 2 Oct 2006 said I am reading Marge Piercy , A Memoir, Sleeping with Cats - not because of the cat bit, but because she is one of my favourite authors. I came upon the book while browsing in Todmorden Library. A Quote from her, on going to the library, as a child: "Every week we went to the library, that respository of dreams, ambitions, alternate lives, shimmering possibilities, hard and false informaiton, history, belief, story. Every week I brought home receptacles containing hints that my life might be different, wider than my mother's." (Page 32.) Tess. 2 October 2006

I am also reading gardening books as we have moved to a house with a precipitous garden and a pond with fish...

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