This is the Onix vs. Pikachu was still fighting in attacking the house, Pikachu gets ceiling the bullets of ball. However, Pikachu swings a Onix and crashed the glass shattered. Squirtle ran off the Pikachu, sneaks up a Bulbasaur. At that moment, the Squirtle calling the Charizard, and finally get out the Squirtle's house and Squirtle, Bulbasaur. Pikachu and Onix still back-and-forth will a bomb.


  • Pikachu as Stitch
  • Squirtle as Lilo
  • Onix as Jumba
  • Bulbasaur as Pleakley
  • Charizard as Cobra (cameo)
  • Dewgong as Nani (cameo)


  • Onix: Come on! What's the big deal?
  • Pikachu: Here I come!
  • Onix: I never put you like together again. I like to totally and not so OK!
  • Pikachu: What are you doing?!
  • Bulbasaur: (Onix stays shot the ring holes by circles in Squirtle's house) No... NO... NO-OOO!!!
  • Pikachu: Ya poor ra chicky!
  • Onix: Hey, leave my mother out of here! I could do it, like to the makeover. I tried to do looks let's face it, something it broke.
  • Squirtle: No! (Pikachu struggles by the Onix crashed the glass.) Quick! Follow me! You make it!
  • Bulbasaur: (sneaks up) You're alive!
  • Squirtle: Now over the place!
  • Onix: (evil laughter) Running away? Here, I'll stop you!
  • Bulbasaur: Hey! No!
  • Onix: You're always get in way!
  • Bulbasaur: Where's the turtle? What do you have another once the turtle?
  • Squirtle: Hello, Charizard? Pikachu was still attacking the house.
  • Bulbasaur: No, no, no, no mouse.
  • Pikachu: (His raging by smashing the wall, a green car approaches.) BLUE PUNCH BUGGY!! (Throws the car, Onix get hurt) No punch-back! (Throws the car again, Onix get hurt, with the horn honk)
  • Squirtle: They want my mouse!
  • Bulbasaur: There's no need to alert the authories. Everything's under control.
  • Charizard: Squirtle? What was that?
  • Squirtle: Oh good, my mouse found the flamethrower.
  • Charizard: Squirtle! Don't hang...!
  • Pikachu: (laughing)
  • Squirtle: Huh?! (screams, the fire traps by the wires)
  • Bulbasaur: You've safe! Gotta go!
  • Onix: How do you know?
  • Pikachu: Okay.
  • Onix: Pikachu, you ready? One potato!
  • Pikachu: Two potato!
  • Onix: Three potato!
  • Pikachu: Four!
  • Onix: Five potato!
  • Pikachu: Six potato!
  • Onix: Seven potato, more!
  • Pikachu: My...
  • Onix: Mother...
  • Pikachu: Told...
  • Onix: Me...
  • Pikachu: You...
  • Onix: Are...
  • Pikachu: It...
  • Onix: Ha! I win!!
  • Bulbasaur: (The house explodes by the Bulbasaur screams in distance will reverberates also Squirtle starts to cry.)
  • Dewgong: Thanks, Cloyster is back. You are disappointed I'll show early up in the morning deliever-- (fire truck was siren wailing at the sound) Oh no! Don't turn left! No!
  • Pikachu: (moaning)
  • Squirtle: (crying) Once you have a try it eye, in the middle this face!
  • Dewgong: Oh, Squirtle! Please, don't do that.
  • Charizard: You go ahead that's no choice.
  • Dewgong: No! You are no taking her! I only one understands her, you taken away she won't stand a chance!
  • Charizard: You making a harder it to me.
  • Dewgong: But you don't know what you doing? She needs me!
  • Charizard: Is this what she needs?!

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