This is the link to the website I took a look at...

The website gives some really helpful pointers and tips on maintaining atleast a semblace of privacy on your computer and the internet. They post interesting notes about how theives can steal your identity simply by getting a hold of one of your receipts. The site also suggests reading the letters that your financial institutions send you in regards to their privacy policies and such. Because so many transactions are done on the internet now, it is vital to the safety and protection of our citizens to make sure that all are fully aware of the dangers that are out there. It is likely that no one would drive to a remote, dangerous part of time in the middle of the night in order to get some cash out of an ATM that is located in a dark alleyway. But much in the same way, we must be aware of where to and not to go on the internet when making our transactions, because danger can lurk around just about any corner. How do you guys feel about your personal information being passed around on the web? How much risk are you willing to take in order to have the convenience of online banking and buying and selling, at such?

vt spring 2006

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