Brief Overview

The branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of being. []

Formal Definition

There are four main ontological approaches: 1.Realism 2.Empiricism 3.Positivism 4.Post-modernism

[Wikipedia: Ontology]

Detailed Description

Ontological Questions: 1.Which entities are fundamental? 2.How do the properties of an object relate to the object itself? 3.What is existence? 4.What is a phycisal object? 5.What consititues the identity of an object?

[wikipedia: Ontology]

Recommended Reading

Prominent Ontologists: Aquinas Aristotle Alain Badiou Gilles Deleuze Martin Heidegger Heraclitus Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Edmund Husserl Roman Ingarden Immanuel Kant Gottfried Leibniz Parmenides Plato Plotinus W. V. O. Quine

[wikipedia: Ontology]

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