Flora & Flynn: A Star Wars Disney-Style Love Story

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In a galaxy far, far away, a kind and handsome, young man named Flynn was just fixing to board the Starspeeder 1000 at the local Star Tours Agency. He had brown hair, green eyes, and was wearing a orange and black suit. The ship was preparing to depart from Coruscant to Cloud City on Bespin. The passenger who was behind him was a young, beautiful, and alluring green-skinned Twi'lek woman from Ryloth named Flora. Among other Twi'leks, Flora was truly a rare beauty, with her full red lips, her aquatic blue eyes, her lovely green skin, and her two long, beautiful head-tails or lekku. She was also wearing a beautiful, purple and gold dress. When the passengers began boarding, Flynn and Flora moved to the end of the aisle and sat down in their seats, placed their seat belts on, placed their personal belongings underneath their seats, and then they relaxed as the ship began to take off. Suddenly, the ship shook a little briefly as it took off from the planet's surface. As it did, Flora and Flynn's hands held on to each other. Wanting to see who it was holding on to his hand, Flynn looked at Flora. And as he did, Flora looked back at him. Flynn was instantly captivated by Flora's beauty, for he had never seen a woman, other than his own kind, who was so strikingly beautiful. Flora batted her beautiful blue eyes and smiled kindly back at Flynn, while he was still stunned by her beautiful and angelic appearance. Flynn smiled back at Flora's lovely green face, while he watched her gorgeous lekku flowing beautifully and gracefully with every gesture and movement that she made. Gazing into each others' eyes, Flynn and Flora both fell in love at first sight.

The galaxy was at an age of peace. The Republic was reborn and the Jedi Order was restored to continue protecting the innocent. No more wars were fought. Slavery was also abolished. As the ship entered hyperspace, Flynn and Flora started talking to each other and talking about their back stories. Flynn had heard stories about how female Twi'leks were among the galaxy's most beautiful beings, yet he could never have imagined that they would be equally as beautiful as any other human woman. Flynn admired Flora's beauty so much that the kindest words he had ever said to her was that she was "a beautiful green angel." When they arrived on Bespin, Flora and Flynn started meeting each other in their apartments, taking walks around the city and its beautiful plazas, going out to dinner often, and they would even enjoy the nighttime fireworks pageant every single night. It was during the first fireworks show in which Flynn and Flora shared their first kiss. Despite his feelings for Flora, Flynn still holds a special place of equal amounts of love and respect in his heart for the beauty of human women. Even his mother once told him that he has the free will to choose any woman who his heart desired the most, regardless of race. Flynn and Flora both loved and accepted each other so much that they didn't care if they both came from a different race, for they still treated each other as equal beings.

Eventually, Flynn proposed marriage to his beloved Flora, who accepted his advances. They both got married and they decided to live on Bespin for the rest of their lives. They soon settled down to raise a family. Eventually, they had a beautiful daughter named Aurora and a handsome son named Aaron, who were both half Twi'lek and half human. They all lived happily ever after.

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