Oola's Last Dance

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Oola's final performance

The court room of Jabba the Hutt was heaving in the midst of a raucous party, celebrating the capture of the smuggler Solo. Jabba had ordered his band to play as loud as they could and for his dancing girls to put on a show like no other. The girls took the order to heart, knowing the consequences should they put on a performance that was anything less than provocative.

The Rodian Greeata moved back and forth at the far end of the court, while her friend Rystall swayed her hips and smiled at her favorites in the crowd, among whom was Boba Fett, feared bounty hunter who nevertheless eyed Rystall's shapely form, made all the more pronounced due to her skin tight uniform. Yarna Dal'garna kicked and shook her many breasts at pretty much the entire crowd, winking and using little subtlety. Close to where Fett stood, the chalk white Twi'lek, Lyn Me spun, swinging her head tails as she gyrated gracefully, vying for the the bounty hunter's attention.

None of the could compare to the other Twi'lek, Oola, who was dancing closest to the slobbering Hutt. A olive green as opposed to Lyn's white, Oola was considered the prettiest prize in Jabba's Court. Which consequently meant she was Jabba's favorite, hardly an envious position. The poor Twi'lek slave was clad only in a flimsy net costume, more revealing and less decorative than even Lyn's tight black stripes, which crisscrossed the white Twi'lek's body but hinted and presented quite enough of the supple flesh that lay beneath. Oola's less than modest halter top, covering her supple olive breasts, was held in place by a strap around her waist and merged into a long slender strap that ran over her shoulders and accentuated her muscular back and served to anchor her netted leggings. The barely there cloth shifted back and forth with the swings of her breast as Oola moved her hips in time to the music. A pair of tight, uncomfortable leather panty/thong rode up Oola's round buttocks as she kicked and danced, securing the netting to her crotch. Black leather straps secured her mesh net pantaloons to her legs, giving glimpses of her muscular dancer legs through the side. From the side and under the harsh spotlight over the dance floor, she danced naked oblivious to that fact.

Her face had been painted heavily, made to make Oola look like a slut. Her Greek thong sandals, strapped tightly to her feet, gave Oola confidence with each delicate yet intricate dance move. A crude headpiece, a simple piece of metal and leather, fit over Oola's ear's and was strapped under her chin. Fortuna had mockingly told Oola that, combined with her long, seductive lekku, it made her look child-like and foolish, a jester used only for entertainment. "Oola keeps Jabba happy. Jabba keeps Oola alive," he had told her forcefully after a savage beating. To complete her humiliating costume and perhaps worst of all was a long steel chain linking her firmly to both Jabba's throne and the drooling grasp of the Hutt himself.

Nevertheless, tonight Oola seemed to obey the Hutt, as she danced with vigour that displayed her seductiveness and youthfulness brazenly. For tonight, unlike the other nights of torture and sexual abuse endured by the Hutt and his minions, Oola had hope. She had spoken with the golden droid, Threepio she thought his name was. He had told her that Luke was coming, he had promised her she would be rescued. The hope she had lost had been restored and so the naive Oola used it. Oola danced more sexually and sensually than any she had done before, fueled by hope and anticipation for her freedom.

She swung her headtails in a sensual invitation, her movements catching the attention of every male in the room. She was the youngest of the dancers on the floor, but by far the most graceful. Her kicks were head high and her lekku swung in time with the tune of the song. Soon the other dancers retired, all except Yarna, who enjoyed the dance almost as much as Oola did. Jabba played with the leash as Sy Snootles, his main singer, started to reach the climax of the song. As Oola arched her back again she whipped her chain in an almost teasing fashion. Taking this as an invitation, Jabba was no longer playing with the slave girl's leash, he was tugging it.

Drool spilling out his mouth, Jabba gestured to a spot next to him. "Come here" The lustful gleam in his eye made it clear what his intentions were, Oola having suffered them all to frequently in her few weeks of service to the Hutt.

She thought of Luke. "NA! NA! Na chuba negatorie!" Oola cried desperately, watching in horror as her master's stiffening tail writhed on the throne reminding her of whata awaited her. Her face contorting in fear, begging the Hutt 'No! No! Please no!" She remembered how Master Fortuna had warned her about defying Jabba. She remembered the beatings the Gamorrean guards, but she awaited her fate than suffer the tortures Jabba had in mind. Her sudden burst of courage seemed only to entice the Hutt, as though he took the young women to be challenging him.

Slobbering he pulled harder even and warned her of severe punishment. "Da eitha!" Oola was losing ground, though her barely clad muscled legs strained, she continued to be dragged towards the Hutt's dais. She was weak from lack of food, though Oola doubted even at full health her fragile form would match the Hutt's Bulk.

"Na! Chuba negatorie!" Oola cried piteously, begging the Hutt to spare her the dishonor, her face a mask of disgust at the thought of the Hutt's fondling. The foolish girl had attracted a crowd, some of whom, such as Yarna, had seen the spectacle of a disobedient pet being punished and were chuckling knowingly at the fate about to befall the unfortunate Twi'lek female. Jabba gave the disobedient slave a final chance, tugging as hard as he could to bring her the final step towards dishonor or death. Oola tugged back as hard as she could, making her decision, though she did not know it. Much to her embarrassment, her right breast fell out of her skimpy costume with this last act of defiance. "TOOTA!" She cried tearfully.

Jabba had had enough of Oola's defiance and with a shout of "Boska!" he slammed his hand on the button on his throne.

Oola saw the Hutt raise his hand, heard the word as she had so often had before, but this time it was her he was condemning. She screamed hideously as she plummeted to the sand strewn dungeon below, a scream that was only interrupted when poor Oola let out a moan of pain, hitting the bone strewn floor hard. Oola lay there a second, sprawled in an undignified heap as she groveled and sniffled, quite unwilling to believe that SHE was going to die. She was Jabba's favorite. Slowly Oola got to her feet, staring at the jeering crowd in the throne room above and straightening her skimpy net costume, trying to maintain some dignity in the face of doom by covering her scantily clad body as much as she could. For once Oola was glad for her headdress, as she couldn't hear the crowd laughing at her. Her heart hammered so hard she probably wouldn't have heard them anyway.

Her heart plummeted as she saw her doom was attracting a bigger crowd than her dance, and to her humiliation scattered throughout the crowd were numerous other members of Jabba's harem. These other dancing girls, girls Oola had thought of as friends, were mocking her fate as hard as anyone. Yarna was practically in tears of joy and Melina Carniss was giggling in the grasp of Bib Fortuna's squeezing, clawed hands. How many times had she shared her hopes and fears with those same girls now laughing at her. A loud grinding noise caused the voluptuous dancer to let out a whimper of fear, then suck in one of her very few, final, precious breaths, pushing her breasts against her net costume as it dawned on her that this was the end. She backed up to the rocky wall and her lekku wiggled in distress as the gate opened fully and the rancor stepped out. All thoughts of dignity fled in the face of the monster and though it shamed her to show such fear, knowing the final pleasure it would give Jabba, tears began streaking from Oola's eyes, causing her slutty makeup to run in streaks down her face at the same time urine ran freely down the poor girl's leg, causing the flimsy net costume to cling to her body as the rancor stalked towards the unfortunate slave.

Oola trembled in fright, then shrieked in absolute terror as the rancor came for her. "NA! NA!" Oola screamed. The doomed Twi'lek girl ran to the grate and tugged futiley at it as the massive beast's clawed fingers wrapped around her lithe figure and lifted her high into the air bringing her screaming to the jagged row of teeth that filled its mouth. The rancor devoured the beautiful Twi'lek slowly, consuming her in three delicate bites so to let her scream linger, as if anticipating it's master was punishing this morsel, it let her final agony last as long as it's hunger could sustain. Oola's terrified shriek echoed throughout the throne room for a second, eventually replaced by the laughter of the rest of the court. The party resumed, launching full swing back into it's intoxicated revelry as though nothing had happened. A few of the other scantily clad dancing girls glanced at each other nervously as they danced, leery of becoming the Hutt's new target of affection, but only C-3PO, the droid who had comforted poor Oola, seemed morose, saddened at the fate of the poor creature. As Oola's final scream faded into nothing, the sullen droid waved his arm away, half in disgust, half in dismissal of this whole lack of protocol.

Dedicated to the most beautiful Twi'lek girl in the galaxy. Love you Oola!

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