Return of the Jedi: An Alternate What-If Storyline

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Return of the Jedi: What Could Have Been?

After reading J.W. Rinzler's Making of Return of the Jedi book, I came up with an alternate what-if scenario for the film, if only the technology existed to the filmmaker's advantage.

Instead of the half-finished Death Star, you have the rebels launching a full-scale assault on the Imperial City Planet of Had Abbadon. Their main target will be the Imperial Palace with the Emperor inside. If the rebels destroy the palace, then both the Empire and the Emperor will fall along with it. Endor would have been the forest moon orbiting Had Abbadon with the shield generator protecting the planet.

Everything else will pretty much be the same as it was in the finished film, only it would have been a far more epic and interesting idea (I still love the film despite that gripe, of course I can see why they couldn't afford to do it back in the early 80s).

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