Applying the principles of open source software to the development of political policy.

This is a test wiki, just trying out the tech to see if wiki has all the features we want. The central idea is to provide a place where people can

  • collect together all the infomation they need to discuss a particular issue
  • suggest policies and solutions to tackle the problem
  • select out their prefered course of action through some sort of voting mechanism.
  • maybe then plug that into to instantly start lobbying your MP?

The idea derived from debates on a mailing list set up to discuss articles written by George Monbiot. Though it seems so obvious that I'm sure others out there have had a similar idea.

Policy Areas

Wiki has an inbuilt category tag that might be a useful way to keep content organised and properly indexed. See the Category:OpenSource_policy_development page for a quick example

Other things of interest

A website developing an interesting way of using a wiki for debating issues.

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