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A game open to everyone on the site at any time -- hence, the "Open Game".

The basic idea:

  • 5 or 6 pre-generated level 1 characters
    • Core resources only, to keep it simple, with perhaps a few other base classes like Warlock and Scout.
  • No one player "owns" a character; instead, a player "claims" a character for X posts in a row.
    • I'm thinking X = 3 is probably a good starting point.
  • Once that player has posted X times, the character is "freed" and any other player may "claim" him/her
  • No player may "claim" more than one character at any given time.
  • Role-playing is expected to be consistent with the background provided by the DM, and all previous posts for the character.
  • Combat will be streamlined in some fashion so the game does not get bogged down in it -- still working on details for this.
    • I will probably have players post general strategies for the characters for 3-round periods, with contingencies if needed.
    • The DM rolls all the dice to speed things up. (This includes non-combat situations, also.)
  • We will also not worry too heavily about equipment, encumbrance, and other mundane details. This will be a "rules lite" sort of campaign.

A few ideas I am pondering:

  • XP is assigned to the player, not the character. The player chooses which character(s) to give the XP to.
    • Or perhaps some percentage goes to the player instead.
    • Or perhaps, combat/quest XP goes to the character; role-play XP goes to the player.
    • Or the player gets some other form of tangible bonus for good role-playing.
  • Time limits on character claims -- say, 24 hours between posts, or your character gets "freed".
  • The DM role can, of course, get passed around just like the player roles do.


Open Game Characters

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