Interpretations of Accuracy in Traditional Journalism

Speculative Breakdowns with Interpretations

Our Emerging Interpretation

We claim that accuracy has the following dimensions: Rigor in Assertions and Rigor in Distinctions and Discourses.

Rigor in Assertions:

Rigor in Making Assertions

who is making assertion, when did he/she make assertion, what is condition for being an observer of the assertion, and what are the skills for performing the assertion. (example)

Bringing Forth Evidence of Your Assertions

using sources

Being Explicit about the Force of your Assertion

Every single assertion has a force that depends on the commitment that the performer of that assertion is ascribing to his or her assertive act. (expand on here)

Being Responsible For and Explicit About the Quality of Sources

the journalist needs to be able to access the source and is responsible for quality of source. As a journalist, you should know that human beings have different capacities to articulate a particular event, to make distinctions and make sense of situations. Given that you are the one responsible for the articulation of the event, you need to be able to assess if an individual is good at making rigorous assertions. If not, you can help them to become a better source or you can find a different source. We claim that a good journalist is capable of confronting the lack of rigor of a particular source and pushing them to explore the event in a more rigorous way.

Grounding your Assessments

[missing the distinction assessment] …

Being Careful about Narrative Linkages

(cause-effect, stimulus-response, motivation & behaviors)…

Rigor in Distinctions and Discourses:

Rough Speculations

[Context belongs to “truth” that everything is contextualized; accuracy (when you report some event), you are already disclosing form a particular discipline/disclosing;]

[As a journalist, to be skilled in producing accuracy in your work, you need to be the embodiment of some linguistic rigor in articulating particular events. (expand)]

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