Interpretations of Fairness in Traditional Journalism

Speculative Breakdowns with Interpretations

Our Emerging Interpretation

The following distinction of fairness is an emerging speculation:

  1. Fairness, using a term from Benkler's “Wealth of Networks” is the synthesis of the multiple perspectives in a conversation. [This synthesis belongs to the practice of being thorough.?]
  2. Fairness is the commitment, in writing a story, to provide a space for new collectives to react to the story and a practice to synthesize any critiques. This synthesis is about addressing the new perspectives in a proper way so that you can show new, missed perspectives without losing the space you wanted to produce in your own story.
  3. Fairness is the two-way dialogue between the journalist and the collectives affected by the story. An important dimension of it is for the journalist to be explicit about her mistakes, what she learned from the comments, as well as disclosing what others added. The ethic of fairness is the recognition of value that others brought to your story. [Is this different from the above dimension; if something is there that is different, better distinguish it; if not, consolidate]

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