Interpretations of Independence in Traditional Journalism

Speculative Breakdowns with Interpretations

Our Emerging Interpretation


Independence, or Autonomy, is connected with journalists and medias need to defend and create a capacity in themselves to do their work without restrictions coming from the political or corporate, or from other forms of power which attempt to change an article, editorial writing, or the research based in defending the interest of specific groups. Anything that would independence will damage accuracy, fairness, transparency, and thoroughness.

Fostering the space for independence is not only the role of the journalist, but of the media and of the country to have legislation, enforcement, and rules to ensure that independence is preserved.

Open Questions

  1. Should we open up questions here about the role of press and government? For more, see the talk page.
  2. How does "secrecy" for sake of national security interplay with independence/autonomy?

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