Reilly as Homer(Without Boog As Homer)

Miss Sunshine(From Mr Men) as Marge

Boog as Bart

Miss Chatterbox(from Mr Men) as Lisa

Mcsquizzy as Grandpa Abe

Bobbie or Sonic(from Sonic) as Ned Flanders

Mr Smee(From Disney`s Peter Pan) as Apu

Serge as Milhouse

Little Ditcher(From TUGS) As Barney

Robo Bear as Snake

Elliot as Moe

Agent Darwin(From Disney`s G-Force) as Chief Wiggum

Sid (from Ice Age 1,2 and 3) as Ned Flanders

The Mean Character as Krusty the Clown

Shaw as Mr Burns

Trevor(From TTTE) As Mr Smithers

Gordy as Principal Skinner

O`Toole as Lenny

Ben(From TTTE) As Carl

Version 2

Boog as Homer

Miss Sunshine (from Mr. Men) as Marge

Serge as Bart

Miss Chartbox (from Mr, Men) as Lisa

Gordy as Grandpa Abe

and more

Version 3[made by Kenny Redman][DO NO EDIT OR DELETE]

  • Elliot as Homer
  • Beth as Marge
  • Reilly as Bart
  • Rosie as Lisa
  • Bobbie as Lenny

and more

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