The TS201 is a member of the Turbostation Family of Network Access Storage Device from QNAP (Taiwan). The device contains space for a two 3.5" SATA drive; as well as connectivity to external USB and e-Sata drives. Full product details and updated firmware are available from Qnap TS201.

Circuit Boards

The images below were taken from TS201 with the V2.00 PCB board. As with most TS101 systems there is no Mini-PCI connector in place.


Rear of the TS201 Circuit Board


Front of the TS201 Circuit Board

Parts List

4x PSC A2V56S40BTP; 518ALA00 Taiwan -G7 SDRAM - TSOP54 Package Specifications unknown
1x MPC8241LVR266D; 4K78P; QQKU0528 Freescale Risc CPU Specifications
1x PIC16F627A; 0430360 (Firmware BIOS) Powermanagement / Startup Specifications
1x S29GL128N11TF101; 0508ABA H; Spansion 128MB BIOS Ram Specifications
1x Silicon Image SiI 3512 ECTU128; QB2170.1-4; 0523 AD03AX2 2x SATA 150 Controller Specifications
1x NEC D720101GJ; 0529PPA72 USB 2.0 Controller Specifications
1x RTL8110SCL 63165QE G611B GB Ethernet Controller



The firmware is currently available under GPL from the QNAP website. First head to the Specifications page; select Download and then the 'Technical Docu' link. For convienence the link is here but this could break in the future.


Mini PCI Connector

The PCB's have space for a Type III Mini-PCI connector - although this is not populated on the current example. There might be the potential for a Wireless board - but this is unclear.

If you want to put on a mini-PCI connector the following types can be used. NOTE the lower versions are probably not useful due to height clearance. The ideal height should be around 6.2mm!

Molex 67315-0011 (4mm high) or 67391-0011 (5.2mm high); Tyco Electronics 1734835-1 (6.7mm), 1734835-2 (6.7mm), 1734069-3 (6.7mm), 1734661-1 (5.6mm) and 1734027-3 (6.00mm)


Installing new packages

The TS-201 seems to share the same firmware as the 101. Both appear to be based on uClibc and BusyBox. There is a pre-built PowerPC rootfs available for download from the uClibc site that contains a number of ready-to-run utilities not included in the TS-101 firmware; including gcc and dropbear ssh.

Information on setting up cross compilers, and new user developed software packages for the Turbostation family can be found on the software page.

Mailing List

An OpenTurbostation mailing list has been created at Yahoo!. Please use this to ask specific questions rather than adding lines to the Wiki. We suggest subscribing on a daily digest basis in order to minimise traffic to your mail boxes.

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