Asiaview Entertainment Inc. Logo (1996-2006)
Asiaview Entertainment FBI Warning Screen

This was taken from The Opening & Closing Previews for Immortal Love (Mandarin Chinese Copy) (The 1997 VHS).

Credits of Immortal Love


  • Asiaview Entertainment, Inc. logo (1996-2006)
  • FBI Warning screen
  • Start the Program of Immortal Love


  • Ending of Immortal Love
  • Credits
  • Asiaview Entertainment, Inc. logo (1996-2006)


  • The Asiaview Entertainment, Inc. logo from 1996-2006 was also used from most of these Chinese VHS tapes.
  • The same FBI Warning screen is also seen on Asiaview Entertainment, Inc. VHS tapes from Mandarin, but this is a rip-off of Warner Home Video FBI Warning screen.

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