These Are The Opening And Closing Previews from Aladdin (The 1992 AMC Theatre) (MGM Version)


  1. AMC Theatres "Previews" (1991-1994) Bumper
  2. The Muppet Christmas Carol Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  3. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  4. A Far Off Place Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  5. The Adventures Of Huck Finn Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  6. Happily Ever After Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  7. Tom And Jerry: The Movie Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  8. Son Of The Pink Panther Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  9. AMC Theatres "Silent Is Golden" Bumper
  10. AMC Theatres Feature Presentation: Clip's Debut (1991-1994) Bumper
  11. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (1992) Logo
  12. Walt Disney Pictures (1990-2006) Logo


  1. End of Movie
  2. Closing Credits
  3. Walt Disney Pictures (1990-2006) Logo (with Genie yelling out "You have been a fabulous audience! Tell you what, you're the best audience in the whole world. Take care of yourselves! Good night, Alice! Good night, Agrabah! Adios, amigos!")
  4. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (1992) Logo

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