These Are The Opening And Closing Previews from David And The Magic Pearl (The 1989 VHS) (MGM/UA Home Video & Just For Kids Version)


  1. MGM/UA Rainbow Copyright Scroll
  2. Scrolling FBI Warning
  3. MGM/UA Home Video (1982-1993, 1999) Logo
  4. Just For Kids Logo
  5. Elider Presents Logo
  6. David And The Magic Pearl Intro
  7. Start of Movie


  1. End of Credits
  2. Closing Credits
  3. Just For Kids Logo
  4. Copyright Notice
  5. MGM/UA Home Video (1982-1993, 1999) Logo (Also Available)
  6. A Journey Through Fairyland Preview
  7. Sherlock Hound: Tales Of Mystery Preview
  8. Samson And Sally: The Song Of The Whales Preview
  9. Clementine's Enchanted Journey Preview
  10. Nuzzling With The Noozles: A Magical Adventure Preview
  11. Janosch: Stories From The Big Fat Fabulous Bear Preview
  12. MGM/UA Home Video (1982-1993, 1999) Logo
  13. MGM/UA Rainbow Copyright Scroll

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