These Are The Opening And Closing Previews from Groundling Marsh: Courageous Adventures (The 1998 VHS) (Disney Version)


  1. Green FBI Warnings (Early 1990's Variant)
  2. Gold Walt Disney Home Video Logo (Black Background)
  3. "Coming Soon To Theaters"
  4. Mulan Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  5. A Bug's Life Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  6. "Coming Soon To Own On Videocassette"
  7. Melody Time Preview
  8. The Spirit Of Mickey Preview
  9. Pocahontas 2: Journey To A New World Preview
  10. Lady And The Tramp Preview
  11. Groundling Marsh Preview
  12. Disney Cruise Line Promo
  13. "On ABC"
  14. Disney's One Saturday Morning TV Show Promo
  15. "Stay Tuned"
  16. "Feature Program"
  17. Walt Disney Home Video (1986-2001) Logo (Sorcerer Mickey)
  18. Groundling Marsh Intro
  19. "Courageous Adventures" Opening Title Card
  20. Start of Program


  1. End of Program
  2. Closing Credits
  3. Walt Disney Television Logo
  4. "Now Available To Own On Videocassette"
  5. Barney In Outer Space Preview
  6. Wishbone's Dog Days Of The West Preview
  7. Shelley Duvall's Mother Goose Rock 'N Rhyme Preview
  8. Walt Disney Home Video (1986-2001) Logo (Sorcerer Mickey)

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