These Are The Opening, Closing And Bonus Demo Previews from Living Books Presents: Corduroy (The 1994 PC Game)


  1. Living Books Logo
  2. "Corduroy" Title Logo
  3. Main Menu
  4. Start of Story


  1. End of Story
  2. The End Screen (with Corduroy saying "Goodbye! hope to see ya real soon!")
  3. Main Menu
  4. Options Menu
  5. Credits
  6. Quit Menu (with Corduroy saying "Are you sure you want to quit?" and "Okay. Goodbye!" with the giraffe nodding her head yes and the clown shaking his head no)


  1. Just Grandma And Me Demo
  2. Arthur's Teacher Trouble Demo
  3. The Tortoise And The Hare Demo
  4. The New Kid On The Block Demo
  5. Ruff's Bone Demo
  6. Little Monster At School Demo
  7. Arthur's Birthday Demo
  8. Harry And The Haunted House Demo

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