These Are The Opening, Closing And Bonus Previews from Minions (The 2013 DVD) (Fake Version)


  1. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Logo
  2. The Smurfs 2 Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  3. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  4. The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale Preview
  5. DVD Menu
  6. FBI Anti-Piracy Warning Screens
    Screenshot (163)

    This was taken from The Fake DVD Opening Previews from Minions. (The 2013 DVD.)

  7. Warning/Attention Screens
  8. Blue MPAA G Rating Screen
  9. Columbia Pictures Logo
  10. Illumination Entertainment Logo (Minions Variant)
  11. Start of Movie


  1. End of Movie
    Columbia Pictures White House Down Closing

    This was taken from The Fake DVD Closing Previews from Minions. (The 2013 DVD.)

  2. Closing Credits
  3. Columbia Pictures Logo (Closing Variant)


  1. Angry Birds Toons: Season 1, Volume 1 Preview
    The Smurfs 2011 Preview

    This was taken from The Fake DVD Trailers from Minions. (The 2013 DVD.)

  2. Hotel Transylvania Preview
  3. Sony Entertainment Network Promo
  4. Arthur Christmas Preview
  5. The Smurfs Preview

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