These Are The Opening And Closing Previews from Pokemon: I Choose You, Pikachu (The 1998 VHS) (Universal Version)


  1. FBI Warnings
  2. Universal Logo
  3. 4Kids Productions Logo
  4. Viz Video Logo
  5. "Exclusively Distributed By Pioneer Entertainment (USA) L.P."
  6. Pokemon Theme Song
  7. Start of Program (I Choose You, Pikachu)


  1. End of Program
  2. Closing Credits
  3. Universal Logo
  4. 4Kids Productions Logo
  5. Viz Video Logo
  6. "Coming Soon From Universal Studios Home Video"
  7. Pokémon: Red And Blue Versions On Game Boy Commercial
  8. Ranma 1/2: The Movie Preview
  9. The New Adventures Of Kimba: The White Lion Preview

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