Here are the Opening Previews of Digimon: The Movie when it was released in Theaters.

  1. Green FBI Warnings
  2. Walt Disney Home Video Logo
  3. 20th Century Fox Home Video Logo
  4. Paramount Home Video Logo
  5. New Line Entertainment Logo
  6. Miramax Entertainment Logo
  7. Now in Theaters
  8. Fantasia 2000 Trailer
  9. Coming Soon to Theaters
  10. Digimon: Halloween Revenge Trailer
  11. The Lion King on Broadway Trailer
  12. Digimon: The Movie Soundtrack Ad
  13. Join us after the Feature (with voiceover)
  14. Akiyoshi Hongo and Eric Goldberg Intro
  15. Walt Disney Pictures Logo
  16. 20th Century Fox Logo
  17. Paramount Pictures Logo
  18. New Line Cinemas Logo
  19. Dark Horse Entertainment Logo
  20. Working Title Films Logo
  21. Imagine Entertainment Logo
  22. Spyglass Entertainment Logo
  23. RKO Pictures Logo
  24. American Zoetrope Studios Logo
  25. Alliance Filsm Logo
  26. Walden Media Logo
  27. Miramax Films Logo
  28. Fox Kids Logo
  29. Opening Credits
  30. Start of Film

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