Air Bud (1997) Poster
  1. AMC "Previews" bumper
  2. GI Jane Trailer
  3. Anastasia Trailer
  4. Flubber Trailer
  5. Leave it to Beaver Trailer
  6. Rocketman Theatrical Trailer
  7. LA Confidential Trailer
  8. Boogie Nights Trailer
  9. Fairytale A True Story Theatrical Trailer
  10. The Little Mermaid Re-Release Theatrical Trailer
  11. Mulan 1
    Starship Troopers Teaser Trailer
  12. Free Willy 3 The Rescue Theatrical Trailer
  13. MouseHunt Teaser Trailer
  14. Titanic Trailer
  15. Quest For Camelot Teaser Trailer
  16. Mulan Teaser Trailer
  17. The Parent Trap (1998) Teaser Trailer
  18. Armageddon Teaser Trailer
  19. AMC Theatre Policy promo
  20. AMC Theatres "Feature Presentation" bumper
  21. 1990 Walt Disney Pictures logo
  22. Opening credits
  23. Start of film

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