This is a Prank Opening for Annie (The 1997 VHS.)

Annie Sucks
Post Strawberry-Blasted Honey-Comb - Recipe For Disaster (2003, USA)00:31

Post Strawberry-Blasted Honey-Comb - Recipe For Disaster (2003, USA)

Published on April 6, 2016

Now this is just my opinion on this movie, I hate this movie so much because everything about this movie ripped-off one of the greatest Hollywood star Shirley Temple. With wretched songs, terrible acting, nauseating ending, offensive plot, unlikable characters, and even the main character is unlikable (because she is so dang ugly). It is malevolent to your childhood. There's nothing to like about this movie at all. This is a Shirley Temple rip-off. Now if you like this movie, IRYO, But me, I, HATE, THIS, MOVIE, IT'S, SO TERRIBLE!!!!!

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