• Green FBI Warning screens (1992)
  • The Walt Disney Company intro/"Join us a special preview from Walt Disney Pictures"
  • The Little Mermaid Re-Release Trailer
  • "Coming to video" bumper
  • Disney Promos for "Pooh's Great Adventure: The search for Christoper Robin", "Mary Poppins", "Sleeping beauty", And "Old Yeller"
  • The Wizard Of Oz Preview
  • The Little Elephant to the rescue Preview
  • "New from Disney Interactive"
  • Disney's Magic Artist computer game on CD-ROM promo
  • The Wonderful world of disney TV Commercial
  • "Stay Tuned After the feature"
  • "Feature Presentation"
  • 1994 Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection logo
  • THX logo (with low-pitched deep note)
  • Green Format screen
  • 1990 Walt Disney Pictures logo
  • Opening Credits
  • Start of movie

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