1. Antz (1998) Poster
    1. A Night at the Roxbury Trailer
    2. The Impostors Trailer
    3. What Dreams May Come Trailer
    4. Holy Man Trailer
    5. Bride of Chucky Trailer
    6. Practical Magic Trailer
    7. Life is Beautiful Trailer
    8. Pleasantville Trailer
    9. Soldier Trailer
    10. American History X Trailer
    11. The Wizard of Oz 1998 Re-Release Trailer
    12. The Waterboy Trailer
    13. Elizabeth Trailer
    14. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer Trailer
    15. Meet Joe Black Trailer
    16. I'll Be Home for Christmas Trailer
    17. The Rugrats Movie Trailer
    18. Enemy of the State Trailer
    19. Waking Ned Trailer
    20. A Bug's Life Trailer
    21. Babe: Pig in the City Trailer
    22. Ringmaster Trailer
    23. Home Fries Trailer
    24. Psycho Trailer
    25. Jack Frost Trailer
    26. Star Trek: Insurrection Trailer
    27. Shakespeare in Love Trailer
    28. A Simple Plan Trailer
    29. Playing by Heart Trailer
    30. The Prince of Egypt Trailer
    31. You've Got Mail Trailer
    32. Patch Adams Trailer
    33. Mighty Joe Young Trailer
    34. Stepmom Trailer
    35. The Thin Red Line Trailer
    36. The Faculty Trailer
    37. A Civil Action Trailer
    38. Another Day in Paradise Trailer
    39. Varsity Blues Teaser Trailer
    40. Rushmore Teaser Trailer
    41. Blast from the Past Teaser Trailer
    42. October Sky Teaser Trailer
    43. Office Space Teaser Trailer
    44. 200 Cigarettes Teaser Trailer
    45. Baby Geniuses Teaser Trailer
    46. The King and I (1999) Teaser Trailer
    47. Doug's First Movie Teaser Trailer
    48. 10 Things I Hate About You Teaser Trailer
    49. The Matrix Teaser Trailer
    50. Never Been Kissed Teaser Trailer
    51. Pushing Tin Teaser Trailer
    52. Idle Hands Teaser Trailer
    53. The Mummy Teaser Trailer
    54. Election Teaser Trailer
    55. Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace Teaser Trailer
    56. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Teaser Trailer
    57. Tarzan Teaser Trailer
    58. South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut Teaser Trailer
    59. Wild Wild West Teaser Trailer
    60. Summer of Sam Teaser Trailer
    61. American Pie Teaser Trailer
    62. Muppets from Space/The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland Teaser Trailer
    63. Inspector Gadget Teaser Trailer
    64. The Iron Giant Teaser Trailer
    65. Forces of Nature Teaser Trailer
    66. The Haunting Teaser Trailer
    67. American Beauty Teaser Trailer
    68. Galaxy Quest Teaser Trailer
    69. Cinemark Starstruck Policy Trailer
    70. SDDS bumper (1993-1999)
    71. DreamWorks logo (Antz variant)
    72. Opening bit with Z and the therapist
    73. "Antz" title card
    74. Start of film