This is a Prank Opening for Arthur's Missing Pal (The 2006 DVD.)

Arthur Sucks
Hammer Frenzy Smashing TONS Of CDS, VHS Tapes & Other Stuff08:43

Hammer Frenzy Smashing TONS Of CDS, VHS Tapes & Other Stuff

Published on April 6, 2016

This movie is one of the worst rip-offs I've ever seen in my entire life. And here's the reason why this rip-off of a movie is so terrible. First of all, it frustrated me so much because all of the characters were bunches of copycats of Peanuts. Yes! This movie, and the TV Show itself is a Peanuts rip-off. And it also rips-off Far From Home: The Movie. Yes! It's hard to believe that this movie ripped-off 2 great movies/television shows both at the same time. This is just terrible.

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