These Are The Opening Previews from Barney's Good Day, Good Night (The 1997 VHS) (From Lyrick Studios, Distributed By Warner Home Video) (Closing Included)


  1. Barney's Great Adventure: The Movie teaser trailer
  2. "Please Stay Tuned..."
  3. Black FBI Warnings
  4. Warner Home Video (1997) Logo
  5. Lyrick Studios logo
  6. Barney Home Video logo
  7. Barney & Friends intro/"Barney's Good Day, Good Night" title card


  1. Actimates Barney commercial
  2. Barney's Adventure Bus promo
  3. Kids For Character: Choices Count! promo
  4. Barney's CampWannaRunnaRound promo
  5. Lyrick Studios logo
  6. Warner Home Video (1997) Logo

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