These Are The Opening Previews from Clarence: Mystery Pinata (The 2005 Australian VHS) (Fake Version)

  1. Fox Warning Scroll
    Mystery Piñata Australian VHS
  2. Copy Protected Message
  3. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (1999-2010) Logo
  4. 2000s 'Ratings Advice' Message
  5. Robots Preview
  6. Garfield: The Movie Preview
  7. Ice Age: Extreme Cool Edition Preview
  8. Garfield And Friends DVDs Promo
  9. Fat Albert (Live-Action) Preview
    Get him Garfield

    This was taken from The Fake VHS Opening Previews from Clarence: Mystery Pinata. (The 2005 Australian VHS.)

  10. Ad
  11. "Have You Got What You Paid For" Piracy Message
  12. G Rating Screen
  13. "Feature Presentation"
  14. Clarence Theme Song
  15. Start of Episode (Fun Dungeon)

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