Opening To Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Dogs Day 2002 VHS (Warner Bros Version)

1. FBI Warning Screen

2. Harry Potter & The Prisioner Of Azkaban Trailer

3. The Croods Trailer

4. Coming Soon From Warner Home Video Logo (With Tom And Jerry)

5. Adventure Time With Fionna And Cake DVD Promo

6. Ice Age: Continental Drift Trailer

7. Inspector Gadget (Live Action Version) On VHS Trailer

8. Regular Show Party Pack DVD Promo

9. Now available from Warner home video (With Bugs Bunny & Taz)

10. Small soldiers Trailer

11. Happy Feet 2 Trailer

12. Warner bros Century collection promo

13. Incredible crew commercial

14. Stay tuned logo (With Jim Cummings saying Stay tuned for an incredible crew episode following our feature presentation)

15. Warner Home Video An AOL Time Warner Company Logo

16. Format Screen

17. MPAA PG Screen

18. Warner Bros. Pictures (Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Variant)

Beginning of film

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