These Are The Opening Previews from Elmo's Magic Cookbook (The 2000 VHS) (Fake Version)

  1. Columbia TriStar Home Video (1993-2001) Logo
  2. "Coming Soon To A Theater Near You"
  3. Thomas And The Magic Railroad Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  4. "Now Available On Home Video"
  5. Elmo's Magical Adventure: The Story Of Peter And The Wolf Preview
  6. Let's Eat!: Very Funny Food Songs Preview
  7. Elmo's World Videos Promo
  8. Sesame Street: Let's Make Music Preview
  9. Cinderelmo Preview
  10. Sesame Street: Kids Favorite Songs Preview

    This was taken from The Fake VHS Opening Previews from Elmo's Magic Cookbook. (The 2000 VHS.)

  11. Sesame Street Magazine Promo
  12. Sesame Street Website Promo
  13. FBI Warnings
  14. Hi-Fi Stereo Logo
  15. 1996 Jim Henson Home Entertainment Logo (from Bear In The Big Blue House VHS) (With Byline)
  16. Children's Television Workshop (1997-2000) Logo
  17. Sesame Street Home Video (1997-2001) Logo
  18. Elmo's Magic Cookbook Title Logo
  19. Start of Program