Pixar films portrayed by The Amazing World Of Gumball

  1. Language Menu
  2. There Is Only One, Disney Promo
  3. Disney's Fast Play Promo
  4. Disney Blu-ray Promo
  5. Cinderella The Diamond Edition Preview
  6. WALL E Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  7. Bedtime Stories Preview
  8. The Lion King II: Simba's Pride & The Lion King 1/2 The Special Edition Preview
  9. James And The Giant Peach The Special Edition Preview
  10. Tinker Bell Preview
  11. Disney DVD Logo
  12. Disney Enhanced Logo
  13. Blue Warning Screen
  14. "The commentaries and interviews...."
  15. FBI Anti-Piracy Warning Screen
  16. Walt Disney Pictures Logo
  17. Start of Movie

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