Freaky Friday 2003 Theatrical Poster
  1. AMC Theatres "Coming Soon" bumper
  2. Good Boy! Trailer
  3. The Cat in the Hat Teaser Trailer
  4. Looney Tunes: Back in Action Teaser Trailer
  5. Cheaper by the Dozen Teaser Trailer
  6. The Young Black Stailion Trailer
  7. Peter Pan Teaser Trailer
  8. Elf Teaser Trailer
  9. Big Fish Trailer
  10. Second Hand Lions Trailer
    Brother Bear Preview
  11. The Haunted Mansion Teaser Trailer
  12. Brother Bear Trailer
  13. Home on the Range Teaser Trailer
  14. The Incredibles Teaser Trailer
  15. Teacher Pet Teaser Trailer
  16. AMC "Silence is Golden" bumper
  17. AMC "Feature Presentation" bumper
  18. Walt Disney Pictures logo (Freaky Friday variant)
  19. Opening credits
  20. Start of film

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