These are The Opening Previews for Get Shorty. (The UK VHS.) (Fake Version)

  1. Warning
  2. (1993) MGM/UA Home Video (Roller Coaster) Logo
  3. Hologram Awareness
  4. Closed Captions
  5. "Coming Soon"
  6. It's My Party Preview
  7. A Family Thing Preview
  8. Big Bully Preview
  9. Grumpier Old Men Preview
  10. Uncle Ben's Salsa Dip Advert
  11. Fled Precuew
  12. Executive Decision Preview
  13. Midland Bank Advert
  14. The Birdcage Preview
  15. Levi's Advert 
  16. VSC 15 Notice
  17. BBFC 15 Card

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