These Are The Opening Previews from Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales (The 2001 VHS) (Fan-Made Version)

  1. Navy Blue Warnings (Late 2000s Version)
    Gravity Falls Six Strange Tales VHS
  2. (1991-2001) Gold Walt Disney Home Video Logo (Black Background)
  3. Disney's California Adventure Theme Park tromo
  4. "Coming Soon to Theaters" (1999-2006) logo
  5. Atlantis: The Lost Empire Theatrical Teaser Trailer
    On ABC Bumper

    This was taken from The VHS Opening Previews from Gravity Falls: Six Strange Tales. (The 2001 VHS.) (Fan-Made Version.)

  6. "Coming Soon to Own on Video and DVD" logo
  7. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs preview
  8. The Emperor's New Groove preview
  9. "Coming Soon to Theaters from Disney and PIXAR" logo
  10. Monsters, Inc. Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  11. "On ABC" logo
  12. Star Vs. the Forces of Evil on Disney's One Saturday Morning TV Promo
  13. "Feature Program" logo
  14. Start of episode

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