These are The Opening Previews for Honey We Shrunk Ourselves. (The 1997 VHS.)

Honey we shrunk ourselves vhs
  1. Green FBI Warnings
  2. Gold Walt Disney Home Video (Blue Background) Logo
  3. "Coming Soon To Theaters"
  4. Born To Be Wild Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  5. "Coming Soon To Own On Videocassette"
  6. The Mighty Ducks: The First Face Off Preview
  7. 101 Dalmatians (Live-Action) Preview
  8. "Now Available To Own On Videocassette"
  9. Happily Ever After Preview
  10. The Neverending Story III: Escape From Fantasia Preview
  11. "Feature Presentation" Logo
  12. "This film has been modified..."
  13. Walt Disney Pictures (1990-2006) Logo
  14. Opening Credits
  15. Start of Movie