1. General Cinema "Coming Attractions Or Now Showing" Bumper
  2. The Addams Family Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  3. An American Tail: Fievel Goes West Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  4. Beauty And The Beast Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  5. FernGully: The Last Rainforest Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  6. Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol 1991 Theatrical Re-Release Teaser Trailer
  7. General Cinema "Space Candy" Policy Trailer (1980s-1990s)
    Belle from Beauty and the Beast Theatrical Teaser Trailer

    This was taken from The Theatrical Opening Previews from In Search Of Dr. Seuss. (The 1991 General Cinema.)

  8. General Cinema "Feature Presentation" Bumper (1986)
  9. Universal Pictures (1991-1997) Logo
  10. "Turner Pictures Presents In Association With Point Blank Pictures" Opening In-Credit Logo
  11. Start of Movie

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